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Sunday, May 14, 2006

No school? Relaxing? Hardly!

No, in spite of not having school work to accomplish, I've not been slacking around. Instead I've been plenty busy and today will be no exception. So what have I done recently? Let's see...

I got the camper moved out in the front driveway and scrubbed. It still needs put up, the water and battery installed and the awning scrubbed before it can be used.

Found another secondary water leak, this time on a sprinkler line that needs my attention today.

Finished the intake manifold spacer for my scooter. It came out perfect, except that the assembly is unusable since there would be no way in install any air cleaner. So, perhaps today everything will go back together as intended after one more carburetor cleanout effort.

The BSU and went to see MI3 the other night. Its a fine enough summer block-buster with plenty of "splodey" things which is all I wanted or expected. There is one scene, and I won't spoil it by telling you which one, where all I could think of a particular episode of South Park that is available to see here.

I did get out to the desert yesterday for some shooting. I went by myself because every shooting buddy I know had something better to do. Oh well. I did not get to shoot my SKS with its pretty new Tapco stock because I forgot to take any ammo for it! I took the rifle and I even moved the box of ammo to get to another box beneath it, but somehow, I forgot to load any ammo for the SKS into my range bag! Doh! I did take my Kel-Tec Sub 9 and while it didn't work perfectly, it worked dang fine. I think my troubles with that gun wree related to that 30 round magazine I bragged about a couple weeks back. All the problems were failure to feeds and using other magazines seemed to solve the problem. Oh well. No rabbits were harmed during yesterday's outing BTW. I did have a walk around and scared up a few but mostly I found cottontails and juvenile jack rabbits, so nobody got shot.

Now my laptop battery is about to die so I guess its time to get outside and do some chores. NOTE: When the warning about the low battery level comes on, it really means it! I had to go get the power cord to finish this post!

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